Max Salazar is a member of the Salazar family, made up of three generations of coffee producers, who started cultivating coffee in the 1960’s on a small parcel of land in Llano Bonito, Costa Rica. The farm has grown over the years, and the family now has 10 hectares dedicated to coffee production. Their farm, Finca La Isabela, is named after Max’s mother. Max manages the farm with his father, Claudio, who inherited it from his father in 1980.

In the family’s latest effort to control and improve quality, they have established their own micromill/processing center, Beneficio los Cipreces, named after the cypress trees that grow in the area. This year’s effort is a semiwashed coffee, processed at Cipreces by Max.

Location: Llano Bonito, Naranjo Mill: Beneficio los Cipreces Varietal: Caturra, Villalobos Altitude: 1,700 masl